I have been working to help organizations and individuals make a positive and sustainable difference in their lives and their success for many years.   I now do occasional coaching in person in the Atlanta area and on Zoom.  These sessions are best for small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and boards as well as individuals. 

I have developed programs such as Living as a Champion, Champion Selling, Champion Time Mastery,  and Champion Leadership.  I also have video support for each lesson with up to 40 videos for a given program.

Making a Positive and Sustainable Difference

Over my career, I have always worked on one principle.  I want to make a positive and sustainable difference in the lives of people and in the success of organizations.  




One of the individuals helped who has become very successful is Lola.  Watch her video below.

Lola was looking for direction in her life.  She enrolled in one of our Champion Selling Programs.  At the end of the meeting, she decided to move on to our Living as a Champion program.  The two programs were critical to the success she now enjoys in her life.  

One of our Organizational Testimonials

Per Mar Security


Per Mar Security is an award-winning installer of security services.  Per Mar works to develop solutions to all of its customer’s needs for a safer environment.

Mr. Mike Duffy came to my company at the time (World Leadership Institute or WLi) to obtain help in three areas.  First, he was interested in having his company including all its divisions and offices moving in the same direction.  WLi Solutions Performance Scan and Strategic Guidance program produced positive results in those areas.

Mr. Duffy then requested that we provide our Champion Sales programs to his sales professionals.  That program served to help his salespeople not only increase their sales but also to function in a more professional manner.

Finally, Mr. Duffy asked that we work with a number of key executives in a one on one or small group setting to help them develop their leadership and administrative skills.  WLi Solutions used its Champion Leadership Program to help these individuals improve.

More Testimonials

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