Speaking Possibilities


Dr. Patten will Speak to Your Organization

  • 40 years of top-level administration     
  • Served on Governor’s Cabinets
  • Started Several Businesses
  • Written material for Congress
  • Consultant to Legislative Body

Mr. Patten has had a long and successful career.  After having retired as Chancellor of a University in 2009 he moved to Atlanta. He is currently providing services to organizations and individuals.

Dr. Patten can speak on areas related to his book as well as other material he has developed.  If you would like to discuss Dr. Patten speaking to your group, please use the contact us tab above to schedule a time.  Listed below are possible speaking topics:

Why is Strategic Planning no Longer Relevant?

Today, in our fast-paced world, strategic planning cycles are often too long to bring about the changes needed.  Organizations need Strategic Guidance, not Strategic Planning.  Dr. Patten has written Building Champion Organizations through Strategic Guidance that provides a path to success in a new and more effective way.

The Customer is NOT always right!

Many of us grew up thinking that the customer must always be right.  However, to be a successful salesperson, you may need to disagree with the customer.  In his book, The Path to Champion Selling, Dr. Patten describes how a salesperson must work to define and meet the needs of the prospect.

Leadership May Not Be What You Think!

In his book, The Path to Champion Leadership, Dr. Patten explains the difference between leadership and administration.  We often mix up the role of administration and leadership as we go about our work.  Dr. Patten explains how the two are intertwined but much different in their application.

The Most Important Team Element

What element of a team do you believe is most important?  The answer Dr. Patten provides may surprise you.  It may cause you to look at your role on a team in a different way.  Dr. Patten presents an interactive workshop that will make you work with others in new ways!

Don’t Just Manage Your Time! 

Dr. Patten will explain how important it is to not just manage your time but to master your time.  What is the difference?  It is the difference between having positive outcomes in all parts of your life or just following a schedule!  Dr. Patten will explain the concept and provide some tips on how to ensure you Master Your Time.  Dr. Patten’s book The Path to Mastering Your Time provides a step by step process to be more productive.

Higher Education’s greats challenge is not student debt, it is the value deficit?

Dr. Patten has had a distinguished career in education beginning with teaching in the classroom to the Chancellor of a University. He has presented a new concept in his book Learning as a Champion that debunks the commonly held concept that education costs too much.  Mr. Patten will share his concepts in this presentation.  Dr. Patten provides a frank look at why higher education is failing, and it will not be what you think.